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Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Stake Indexing Statistics

courtesy of Laura  L Henry - SLC Temple

(corrected for Woodward School Census Project )
Total names indexed and arbitrated in 2011
by the OKC Stake Members

Many many thank- you's are sent to each and every indexer in our STAKE. You all deserve a big round of applause and the choicest blessings for your hard work this past year. We appreciate all.


We are continuing to have our ice cream socials for the Wards that won in 2011.
Last Friday evening we held a social at the Surrey Hills Building for the OKC 5th Ward. Sister Mcintosh  did a wonderful job preparing the Cultural Hall for the event. Approximately 85 people showed up and the honored guest was Sister Scabby who did an amazing job inspiring people in her Ward to begin indexing.  We appreciate all of those in the 5th Ward who are indexing. In fact the number one indexer in the Stake comes from that Ward.
I was sorry that I forgot to take my camera. Everyone enjoyed the ice cream and fellowship. President Baclawski was able to attend and made it extra special for all.

This coming Friday night, 13th Jan,  we are going to have the ice cream social for the Quail Creek Ward  at the Stake Center at 7 pm. April Garwood is helping with the set up and did a fantastic job coordinating the efforts in her Ward in September so that the Ward accomplished their goal of doing over 31,198 names. Great Job and team effort!

Edmond 2nd Ward's Ice Cream social is still pending, just  waiting on a good date for all.

 It has been decided that each Ward or Branch will have to do 125% more names this year, than their highest month in 2011. So if you did 10,000 names to win in 2011 you will have to do 12500 names in 2012.  The goal for each Ward/Branch will be posted later on this blog. This reflects the new goal for the Stake. 

names indexed and/or arbitrated 
I know we can do it!!

Will be held at the Stake Center on
Saturday, 28th January, 6:00 pm
Invitations will be in the mail this week, also watch your email.

          NAME                                      WARD/BRANCH              TOTAL
  1. MARY BUTTS                           OKC 5TH                         94,603
  2. TAMARA WINDHOLZ             WOODWARD                 77025
  3.  GARY HOWEL                         EDMOND 2ND               69936
  4. GENE BUSHMAN                     OKC 3RD                        59286
  5. LONIE SEAGRAVES                 OKC 1ST                        49595
  6.  JESSIE CRAWFORD                EDMOND 1ST                45864
  7. JUDY MCGRAW                       EDMOND 1ST                36308
  8.  EVELYN AQUINO                   OKC 1ST                        36098
  9. BOBBY GILLILAND                 CLINTON                       21391
  10. COREENA GILLILAND            CLINTON                       20489
  11. COLETTE DATIN                      QUAIL CREEK               18165
  12. CHARLES HOWELL                  QUAIL CREEK              17670
  13. LOIS GILBERT                           OKC 1ST                        15375
  14. SHIRLEY CORRIGAN               OKC 3RD                       15251
  15. MELISSA CONNELLY              OKC 1ST                       14951 
  16. TOM CONNELLY                      OKC 1ST                       12026
  17. NORA MUZINGO                      QUAIL CREEK              11898
  18. LOREEN SCABBY                      OKC 5TH                      11437 
  19. BARRY PETERSON                    OKC 1ST                       11322 
  20. LAURA SEBOURN                     VILLAGE                       10281
(all statistics were taken from the end of the 2011 year Ward Individual Statistic report, generated by the Church Indexing Program) Please know that we appreciate every indexer in our Stake, no matter how many names you were able to do. Each name is so important to the Lord's Work in his Holy Temple.
If you have not had a chance to go to  and put in a name of your ancestor, then please take the time to try it. You will be amazed at all of the records that are now available for the World to search for free. I have a personal success story that I will share with all at a later date, It is truly wonderful and easy.

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