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Sunday, December 11, 2011

November Statistics

The Christmas Season is here. Let us not forget
the reason.

November Stake Indexing Statistics
Below I have listed each Ward in our Stake and the total number of 
names that were indexed and arbitrated for the month.
Thank you to all who are serving the Lord through the Indexing Program.

November Stake Total  

      Ward                      total number in November
  • Clinton                         1317
  • Edmond First            4455
  • Edmond Second     14180
  • Okc Fifth                 33621     super job !!
  • Okc First                 13482
  • Okc Third                9489
  • Okc Fourth               428
  • Okc University         260
  • Quail Creek            3718
  • Village                        819                         
  • Woodward            13653  fantastic              
Woodward Special Project
  The Woodward Branch is participating  in a special partner indexing project called the Woodward School Census. They get credit for all of their indexing and arbitration in that project since it is sponsored by Familysearch. So far only two people from the Branch are indexing and only their work was counted. But there are about 8 nonmembers who are also indexing that special project.  Good job and we are proud of you for helping your community with this project and teaching your friends to index. 
Top Ten List 
I have not yet calculated the list for November. Plans are to put that list on this blog this week. We still have the rest of December to calculate and you may still make the list. Don't forget that our Awards Dinner is set of January 28th with President Graves at the Stake Center.  
Problems with Location names in UK 1871 Census? 
Check out the link on the top right side of this page for a connection to the Familysearch Wiki. 


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