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Sunday, February 24, 2013

March Madness Challenge

March Madness Challenge
Begins Today Feb 24, 2013 !!

President Baclawski at Awards Social Feb 23rd.

The March Madness Stake Indexing Challenge was announced by President Baclawski at the Indexing Awards Social Saturday night. The Challenge for the Stake is to index 500,000 names from Feb 24th ending on April 6th, General Conference week-end. That gives us 10 extra days to make our goal. Each Ward/Branch will have a goal of 45,455 names. With 11 units participating, in the Stake we should be able to to that.

In addition to that announcement President Baclawski also added a new challenge for all of the youth.

Rock Climbing at OKC Rock Center

For each youth who can index 1,500 names in the same time frame as the Stake Challenge, Feb 24th - April 6th, he will take them to do some indoor Rock climbing in Oklahoma City.

Looking for a new project to work on that isn't too difficult? Try the U S Resisters of Enlistment in the US Army 1798 - 1913.
The hand writing is easy to read, their are usually 40 names in a batch and not many data items to enter. 

Here is an example of where you will find the data fields on the image,circled in blue.
  • You may have to add some lines, but do not delete the original 40 lines. If the image does not have 40 records then mark the remaining lines as blank. All blank lines go at the end of the batch.  
  • You can find the full names of enlistment places in the Project Information - click on Summary Updates. spell out all abbreviations. Try googling them to see how they are spelled.
Here are a few enlistment abbreviations that I saw:
Pres SF, Cal  = Presidio San Francisco, California
Ft Slocum, NY - Fort Slocum, New York
Ft Assinnboine, MT = Fort Assinboine, Montana
R I Ars, Ill = Rock Island Arsenal , Illinois
Col Brcks, OH = Columbus Barracks, Ohio
Jeff Bkcs, MO = Jefferson Barracks, Missouri
I.T. on these kinds of records means Indian Territory. 

If you get a list of Indian Scouts and you can't tell if they listed a Surname or a Given name. Put the name in the Given name field and mark the Surname as blank. 

Call your Ward Group Administrator, or the Stake Director 405-367-7159, or Salt Lake City 1-866-406-1830 for help.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Youth Indexing Project

Eagle Scout Indexing Project

 Thomas Taylor of Edmond 2nd Ward will be holding a special indexing  day as his Eagle Scout Project in the Family Search Center at the Oklahoma City Stake Center, for all the Stake youth and anyone else who would like to come. Time and date will be announced later.

 The goal for that day will be to index 5,000+ names.  Thomas hopes that all the Youth will come, even those who have never indexed. There will be a need for adult indexers and arbitrators to come to help the youth learn how to index. Eagle Scouts are asked to step up and help Thomas with this event. You can call Thomas @ 405-341-3000 to let him know you can help.

Please encourage all youth to attend, and all Oklahoma City Stake Indexers to attend. Let's help make Thomas' Eagle Project a success.

        The March Madness  Stake Challenge is coming!!
image from Microsoft 
Learn more about it at the Stake Indexing Awards Social on Feb. 23rd.
More will be posted on this blog about the specifics following the announcement by the Stake Presidency

Pathway to Family Research Conference
A Fireside with our Area Family History Advisors
 Gerald and Mary Abram will be held
at the Stake Center for ALL members
April 12th, 2013 @ 7:00 pm,Friday night

Conference starts at 9:00 am , Saturday April 13th.
See your Family History Consultant for a pre-registration form and to learn what FREE Classes will be provided. If you want to learn how to use Family Tree this is the place to be!

Friday, February 1, 2013

OKC Stake Indexing Updates Jan 2013

photo from photokonok




Our Stake goal of 2 million names for 2013 will mean that each of the 11 units in the Stake would have to index and arbitrate 15,152 names a month, for a Stake total each month of 166,672 names a month.
We did not make it this month, but what the heck is happening in WOODWARD?   That is the only Unit in the Stake who made their goal with 29,769, names. Great work for the Branch with only 5  indexers working in January!! The Spirit of Elijah is strong and I think the members have caught the vision. Thanks for setting the example for the rest of the Stake to follow.

January Results by Ward
      • Clinton                                 1475   
      • Edmond 1st                          7230
      • Edmond 2nd                         1632
      • Okc 5th                                 1649
      • Okc 1st                                  7059
      • Okc 3rd                                  4153
      • University                                141
      • Quail Creek                            6282
      • Village                                    4705
      • Woodward                            29769          

Youth Indexers Results by Ward
  • Edmond 1st                                             379 
  • Okc 1st                                                  1010
  • Village                                                     118    
Stake Seminary Challenge 
The Stake Presidents Challenge to the youth in Seminary is to index 25,000 names as a seminary class. President B will then come and fix you breakfast. Need help? call your Ward Group Administrator, or stop by the FHC on a Wednesday night and the consultants will be happy to help you or answer your questions. Or you can call Lois Gilbert @ 367-7159 for help.

We are going to have a Party
Stake Indexing Awards Social
February 23rd @ 7:00 PM
Stake Center in Oklahoma City
Cultural Hall.
Invitations will be mailed out this week to the Top 5 Indexers and the Top 5 Arbitrators and the Top 5 Youth Indexers. The top 5 youth are encouraged to bring their family with them. All High Priest Group Leaders and their wives, and the Indexing Group Administrators and a guest are invited to attend. President Graves will be handing out Awards to each of those honored above and refreshments will be served. Last year was the first year and everyone enjoyed the evening. It is just the Stakes way of saying thank you for helping to serve the Lord with this invaluable and eternal work.

Arbitrator and Group Administrator Training
The week-end of February 16th Is our Semi-Annual Stake Conference. On Saturday the 16th there are always training sessions for the Brethren . So I thought, what a good time to plan a special Training session for Arbitrators and Group Administrators in the Family History Center from 2:30 - 4:00 PM.
Please plan to attend this very important meeting as there will be handouts, pass-along cards, and time for questions and answers. Anyone who wants to learn more about Indexing and maybe becoming an  arbitrator is welcome to attend. We need more arbitrators.

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