Family History and Indexing


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Indexing update

This blogpage has not been updated this month and I feel bad about that. Sometimes I get so busy with other projects and working that time just flies by. On the first of July I will post the Stake Indexing Statistic's for May and June.

We have had the opportunity to hold two of the Ice Cream Socials for the Wards and Branch that have met the Challenge of Indexing their "Magic Number" so far this year. Pictures to follow.
 We are working on a date for Edmond 1st and Edmond 2nd Ward. Let you know the details later.  This coming Saturday, July 2nd we are headed out to the Woodward Branch to hold their Ice Cream Social. I know President Haralson is looking forward to that as he LOVES Ice Cream!!
New Family History Assignment
Brother Tim Toland of the Clinton Ward has been given the High Councilman's assignment of Family History Work in the Stake. I look forward to working with him and will be going on speaking assignments with him in the next couple of months.  As you may know our past High Councilman was just called to be the Bishop of the OKC 3rd Ward. Richard Poling is a great man and will do a good job as Bishop.
Indexing Beta Test
There has been  a recent Indexing Beta test  that I have participated in during the month of June. I am very excited about the upgrades that are coming soon to the Indexing program. One thing that is going to be added is a tab for " My Accuracy" . You will click on this new tab and it  will allow you to see how your work was corrected by the arbitrators. You will be able to view each batch that you complete after it is arbitrated. This new feature will be very helpful to all of us who index.

During the month of June the Indexing numbers have fallen off considerably. I know my own indexing efforts are pretty low this month. I am praying and hoping that all of you will  join me and get back at it again and help us reach our new Stake Goal of 750,000 names by November first. It will take a miracle.