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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fourth Week - November Challenge

Poster in Stake Center made by Village Ward

Fourth Week - Stake Challenge Report
(from 11/22 to 11/30)
  • Clinton               -     18290
  • Edmond First     -     11240
  • Edmond Second -      4752
  • Okc Fifth            -      3417
  • Okc First            -     11240
  • Okc 4th Branch  -         141
  • Okc Third           -     11848
  • Quail Creek        -     10440
  • University           -           25
  • Village                -       5529
  • Woodward Br.    -       6856

Youth Indexing by Ward 
  • Edmond First            -  150
  • Edmond                     - 118
  • Okc Fifth                   - 166
  • Okc First                   -    85
  • Okc Fourth Br.          - 100
  • Quail Creek               - 155
  • Village                       -   55 

Congratulations to every one for making and exceeding your goal for the November Stake Challenge. The Spirit of Elijah has been very strong and the Unity between the Units in our Stake has been great.
Good Job Everyone ! Let's keep the momentum going in December. Check out the FamilySearch blog at the address below.
Indexers and Arbitrators—Give the Gift of Being Remembered

Monthly totals and dates of accomplishment of goal
includes the youth
  • Clinton                     total = 26216  on 11/28
  • Edmond First                    = 26224 on 11/29
  • Edmond Second               = 30269  on 11/20
  • Okc Fifth                          = 33385  on 11/17
  • Okc First                          = 34564   on 11/25
  • Okc Fourth Br.                 =    560
  • Okc Third                         =  25471  on 11/30
  • Quail Creek                      =  27063  on 11/28
  •  Village                             =  29910   on 11/22
  • Woodward Br.                 =  43604    on 11/15
Total for the Month - 273,441 names 
Total for the Stake YTD 1,289,752 names

We have another month!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Stake November Indexing Challenge

The Oklahoma City Stake Indexers and Arbitrators
Have been part of a Miracle !

Thanks to all of you, and your hard work,
this month we have just passed our
Stake November Indexing Challenge.

on November 26,2012 @ 8:45 am
and still going strong!!

 Enjoy a video by Elder Bednar
Entitled " The Time is Now".

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Washington D C Temple taken by Bob Wooley
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am very thankful for the Priesthood support and for everyone who is doing the Lord's work by indexing. It truly is "A temple experience you can have in your own home"!

 Third Week Results
of the Stake Indexing 
225,000 names in November
(Nov 21,2012 cum for November)

WARD                                 NAMES INDEXED & ARBITRATED

Clinton                                                           7924
Edmond First                                              14,984
Edmond Second                                         25,333
Okc Fifth                                                    29,333
Okc First                                                    19,234
Okc Fourth Branch                                          107
Okc Third                                                   13,623
Quail Creek                                                16,292
Village                                                        23,266
Woodward Branch                                     33,806

YOUTH WARD                                        NAMES INDEXED

Okc Fifth                                                     806
Okc First                                                         5
Okc Fourth Branch                                      215
Quail Creek                                                  176
Village                                                        1060

Three Units Reached Goal of 
25,000 names before Thanksgiving day
Woodward on Nov 15
Okc Fifth on Nov 17
Edmond 2nd  on Nov 20
Congratulations to all of you for your hard work and efforts to make your goal. May you continue on to help the Stake reach the Monthly goal.

186,164  (38,836 to go!)

That's awesome Work. Thank You.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Top Youth Indexers Report

A Report on the top 5 Youth
Indexers in the Stake

As of today, November 19th 2012, these are the  five outstanding Youth Indexers in the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Stake:
  1. Megan Green          2971 names  - Edmond First
  2. Nathan Connelly     2015 names - Oklahoma First
  3. Emma Aquino         1420 names - Oklahoma First
  4. Chandler Haymore  1321 names - Edmond First
  5. Elizabeth Mendus    1241 names - Oklahoma First
(cumulative for the year to date) 

But Beware, Village Ward and Oklahoma City Fifth Ward have youth who are really working hard for our November Challenge. If the top five would like to maintain their status they might want to add a few more names to their credit. Otherwise this list will be changing.

You have till the end of the year(December 31st)  to become one of the top 5 Youth Indexers. These top 5 and their families will be invited to our Annual Stake Indexing Awards Social in February.  Parents please encourage your youth to engage in this work.

 I am really proud of our Youth who have worked hard at Indexing, You are all doing a good job, but don't give up. You will be surprised how a little work done regularly, adds up.

The Third Week of the November Stake Challenge report will be posted on Wednesday night (Nov. 21).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Second Week November Challenge

Sacramento Temple

Second Week of Nov. Stake Challenge
225,00 names
Nov 14, 2012

Ward or Branch            total names 
Clinton                             2331
Edmond First                   4841
Edmond Second              8904
Okc Fifth                         9513
Okc First                         5359
Okc Fourth Branch             35
Okc Third                       6163
Quail Creek                    3359
Village                            8012
Woodward Branch          9388

Youth by Ward or Branch-total names 
Edmond Second                                   10
Edmond First
Okc Fifth                                             240
Okc First
Okc Fourth Branch                              147
Quail Creek                                         114
Village                                                   47
Woodward Branch 

Stake Total for First Two Weeks- Fantastic!
A BIG thank you to everyone  helping
the Stake to reach the November Stake Challenge of 225,000 names. 

I hope that you have the opportunity to attend the Temple as often as possible this month.
Catch the Vision of the Abrahamic Covenants; which include the Priesthood Power to Seal, and the promise of Eternal Life.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Week November Results

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

 The first week in November and our big Stake Indexing challenge has started.  We have added 59 new Indexers since the end of October. 
The Woodward Branch, with just 9 indexers/arbitrators, is in the lead this week with 14,296 names. Way to go Woodward!

I am looking forward to going out to Woodward this coming Sunday to speak, along with High Councilmen Dale Brannon. You inspire us all to work harder.

My three great aunts from Philadelpia, PA.
Just a Note

So far, after one full week of indexing, our Stake has completed 60,261 names. Great Job everyone!
Let's keep the momentum going.