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Sunday, December 11, 2011

November Statistics

The Christmas Season is here. Let us not forget
the reason.

November Stake Indexing Statistics
Below I have listed each Ward in our Stake and the total number of 
names that were indexed and arbitrated for the month.
Thank you to all who are serving the Lord through the Indexing Program.

November Stake Total  

      Ward                      total number in November
  • Clinton                         1317
  • Edmond First            4455
  • Edmond Second     14180
  • Okc Fifth                 33621     super job !!
  • Okc First                 13482
  • Okc Third                9489
  • Okc Fourth               428
  • Okc University         260
  • Quail Creek            3718
  • Village                        819                         
  • Woodward            13653  fantastic              
Woodward Special Project
  The Woodward Branch is participating  in a special partner indexing project called the Woodward School Census. They get credit for all of their indexing and arbitration in that project since it is sponsored by Familysearch. So far only two people from the Branch are indexing and only their work was counted. But there are about 8 nonmembers who are also indexing that special project.  Good job and we are proud of you for helping your community with this project and teaching your friends to index. 
Top Ten List 
I have not yet calculated the list for November. Plans are to put that list on this blog this week. We still have the rest of December to calculate and you may still make the list. Don't forget that our Awards Dinner is set of January 28th with President Graves at the Stake Center.  
Problems with Location names in UK 1871 Census? 
Check out the link on the top right side of this page for a connection to the Familysearch Wiki. 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks For Giving to the Indexing Program

 Give Thanks
November has arrived and it is almost Thanksgiving day. I am so thankful for my opportunity to serve the Lord through the Indexing Program and Temple Service for those who are unable to do their own work.

Who are currently indexing in our Stake. A Special Thanks to those who
were able to attend the Arbitrators and Ward Indexing Specialist meeting
this past Saturday.
I appreciate your support and enthusiastic input for the work.

names indexed and arbitrated as of 19 Nov 2011
Great Work Everyone! Thank you

October Ward Statistics
  Ward                                              total names indexed & arbitrated
Clinton Ward                                                                             845
Edmond First Ward                                                                  4013
Edmond Second Ward                                                           13,816
Oklahoma City Fifth Ward                                                      12,325 
Oklahoma City First Ward                                                      17,089
Oklahoma City Third Ward                                                       6,239 
Oklahoma City University Ward                                                   154
Quail Creek Ward                                                                     3,508
Village Ward                                                                             1,193
Woodward Branch                                                                    8,552

 Congratulations to the Following Wards Who Won 
An Ice Cream Social since September :)

Quail Creek Ward and  OKC Fifth Ward
Great Work and we are choosing a date to come
and enjoy some ice cream with you, probably after the New year
(Edmond Second Ward we haven't forgotten your Ice Cream Social, you will be hearing from us soon to schedule a date.)
News you have been waiting to hear!

Top Ten
Awards Dinner with the Presidency
Plans are made for January 28th at the Stake Building for the Top Ten Indexers and their spouse or a friend. You will receive your invitation after the first of the year when the Top Ten Announcement is made.

Who is in the running for the TOP TEN:
As of October 31st, 2011. In order of # of names indexed and arbitrated for the year.
You still have November and December to make it  
Gary Howell               over 53,000
Gene Bushman           over 45,000
Jessie Crawford          over 44,000
Tamara Windholz        over 40,000      
Lonie Seagraves          over 39,000
Mary Butts                  over 34,000
Judy McGraw              over 30,000
Evelyn Aquino             over 27,000
Coreena Gilliland         over 19,900
Bobby Gilliland            over 19,700   
Colette Datin                over 17,300
Lois Gilbert                  over 15,400
Melissa Conley             over 14,900
Shirley Corrigan           over,13,600
Tom Conley                 over 12,000
Nora Muzingo              over 11,700
Barry Peterson             over 11,300
Loreen Scabby             over 11,200
Laura Sebourn              over 10,100
Kathrine Burton           over    9,100  

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Stake Indexing for August
The indexing numbers for August are in and as a Stake we indexed and arbitrated 37,719 names.
Our cummulative total is now up to 490,247 names which would be great for our old goal, but remeber that the goal was raised to 750,000 names by November 1, 2011. That means we have 259,253 names to go by that date, just 1 1/2 months left.
The total per Ward is listed below:
Clinton                     733
Edmond 1st             4831
Edmond 2nd            7178
OKC 5th                  5441
OKC 1st                  3711
OKC 3rd            3509
University Ward          75
Quail Creek             4028
Village Ward             273
Woodward              7447       
Dinner with the Stake President
There has been a lot of interest and questions about how many names will it take to become one of the TOP TEN Indexers in the Stake and be able to have dinner with the Stake President later this year. Well I decided to post the names of the top 20 indexers as of 11 September 2011. They are listed in the order of the number of names they have indexed and or arbitrated so far this year. As to not make anyone feel uncomfortable about what they are able to do, I will not list the number  of names that got them on the list. But I will give you a range that they fall in. If you would like to know what your total is so far this year please call me or email me and I will be happy to tell you. Remember that you can still get on the TOP TEN LIST. I will update this list each month and you have till December 31st to acheive this goal.
The TOP 20 Indexers are:)) ( in order of their standing on 11 Sep)
Jessie Crawford   - Edmond 1st             High Range = 42,000
Gene Bushman     - OKC 3rd
Lonie Seagraves   - OKC 1st
Tamara Windholz  - WoodWard
Gary Howell           - Edmond 2nd
Judy McGraw          - Edmond 1st
Bobby Gilliland       - Clinton
Coreena Gilliland    - Clinton
Evelyn Kelley Aquino - OKC 1st
Mary Butts                  - OKC 5th           Low Range = 17,200
Melissa Connelly        - OKC 1st            High Range   = 14,500
Lois Gilbert                 - OKC 1st
Colette Datin              - Quail Creek
Tom Connelly             - OKC 1st
Shirley Corrigan         - OKC 3rd
Barry Peterson           - OKC 1st
Nora Muzingo             - Quail Creek
Laura Sebourn            - Village 
Kathrine Burton          - OKC1st
Loreen Scabby            - OKC 5th                         Low Range = 7,600
Please remember that we appreciate the work that you do even if your name is not on this list. By dedicating your time and talent to indexing on a consistant basis you will see your indexing and arbitration numbers climb. We thank you for all that you do, whenever you can do it. Keep up the good work. I know that those people that are having their records added to the computer database at Family Searhc, must surely be excited to know that someone will be able to find their names and hopefully do the Temple work they require.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Indexing Tips for August

Salt Lake City,Temple Square
taken from roof of Conference Center August 2011
August Indexing Tips
     The 1930 US Census Records were finished in record time with a high degree of accuracy. Now you may be wondering what kind of project you can try that is similar and easy to do. Have you considered the newest Census Record Project?  The 1871 UK Census Records.  They are fun to do and if you would please take the time to read the Project Information and Field Helps you will have no problems getting started.                                                                         
Since I was unfamiliar with the county and town names I found an easy place to go to look them up. Try going to the WIKI @ Family  They have a list of place names for England and Wales that you can use and print off. You can get there by going to and looking for UK,England and wales   1871 Census, Additional Helps.  I will put a live link on the right side of this blog page that you will be able to click on and go to that page.    One thing to watch as you index is the abbreviations of place names. Here are some that I have encountered:                                                     Glos =Gloucestershire                                                                         Hants = Hampshire                                            Heref = Herefordshire                                        Herts = Hertfordshire                                        Notts = Nottinghamshire                                      Staffs = Staffordshire                                       Worcs = Worcestershire                                          Wilts = Wiltshire                      
(sorry for the scramble on the listing of county abbreviations on the list above. I can't seem to get it fixed so it displays correctly. Please email me if you can not figure it out)
                                      Occupations are challenging but if you read the field helps it will explain how to index them. The Wiki also has a listing of Old English Census Occupations that I found fun to read, and very usefull.
September Ice Cream Social
The ice cream social scheduled for September 16th in the Edmond 1st and Edmond 2nd Wards has been postponed for a while to give President Baclawski time to recuperate. We still plan on having an ice cream social for all Wards that acheive their indexing goals this year. Those of you who haven't there is still time.
September Indexing in the Quail Creek Ward
The Challenge in on and the QC Ward is going to be working to make their goal of indexing over 31198 names during the month. It can be done and I have faith that as they all work together they can do it!
More about that as the month goes on.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


July Indexing Statistics
The Stake Inidexing Statistics for this month have been pretty low. I think the hot weather has gotten to all of us and I am thankful for the little bit of rain, and cloudy weather that keeps the sun from making it so hot this week-end. Hopefully, we will all get back to indexing at our normal rate so that we can realize our Stake Year-end Goal of 750,000 names. We have 317,729 to go.
As a Stake in the month of July we indexed and arbitrate 42,017 names. Each Wards contribution is listed below; indexing and arbitration are added together:
  • Clinton 334 names
  • Edmond First Ward 10,328 names
  • Edmond Second ward 1484 names
  • OKC Fifth Ward  3133
  • OKC First Ward 3488
  • OKC Fourth Branch 
  • OKC Third Ward 2434
  • Quail Creek Ward 4080
  • Village Ward   216 names
  •  Woodward Branch  6520
    Ice Cream Social Challenge is still on-going  Edmond First and Edmond Second Ward will be having a combined Ice Cream Social on September 16th.
    Wards that still have the opportunity to have an Ice Cream Social for their whole Ward are:  Clinton ( 19344), OKC Third (16414), University Ward (1366), Quail Creek Ward (31198) and Village Ward ( 17226). 
    I do know that the Quail Creek Ward is looking at the Month of September as the month that they Beat their Magic Number of 31198 names and win their Ice Cream Socail.  GO QC !!! Working together as a Ward helps you reach that goal. Weekly reports on their progress will be sent to Apirl Garwood, who is the Ward Indexing Specialist. She will keep the Ward posted on the  progress.
    Top Ten Stake Indexers
    As a new incentive or new challange for all indexers in the Stake we are announcing a new goal.!!!!
    The Top Ten Indexers, that includes indexing and arbitration, in the Stake during this year, will have the opportunity to have dinner with President Graves . This includes the indexer and their spouse, or a friend of their choosing if they have no spouse.
    Location and date/time will be decided and announced later.
    Every month's indexing statistics will be summarized and you will be notifed if you make the list. This is just another way to say thank-you to those who are working the hardest each month. Please know that Everyone will be acknowledged for their efforts at year end. We appreciate all that you do for indexing in the Stake. Each name is important.
    My Accuracy
    Have you tired it yet??It is not a grade, but it will show you how often your indexing work and the final arbitration values match.  You will be able to tell if there are areas you can improve.It helps you to see if any of your batches were returned and what you did wrong.
    Did you know that you can mark values for Review. That means if you are sure you read the project directions and field helps correctly, but the arbitrator still changed your value you can request that it be reviewed. Remember that this is a team effort and Arbitrators are volunteers as well. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts or positive comments. Headquarters uses that feedback to track data and to recognize trends.
    Thank you all for your interest and help with indexing. It is truly a wonderful way to spend your free time, helping the Lord so people can use these records to prepare names to take to the Temple.  Just go to WWW.FAMILYSEARCH.ORG   to find out if your ancestors names appear in records that your indexing efforts have made available on-line for free.


  • Monday, July 4, 2011

    Stake Indexing Statistics

    Happy Fourth of July !!!
    May and June Indexing Statistics
                 May                       June
    • Clinton                     6053                          5455
    • Edmond First        13017                        14287
    • Edmond Second     3953                          2709
    • OKC Fifth                 2993                           608
    • OKC First                21166                        11879
    • OKC 4th Branch      5302                           675
    • OCK Third                9195                          4133
    • Quail Creek               4147                         4783
    • Village                         1859                        1990
    • WoodWard Branch  3601                        4656     
    These numbers include all names indexed and arbitrated. Our Stake grand cummulative total to July 1 is:    400,524  !!!!!!  we are a little over half-way to our goal for the year of 750,000. 
     Ice Cream Socials
    Oklahoma City Fourth Branch - Spanish
    About 45 people came to the Ice Cream Social at the Stake Center on Friday night, May 27th. Everyone liked the power point presentation (in Spanish) thanks to the help of my daughter and her husband who translated for me.  They only had to index 31 names to win their Ice Cream Social, but with Brother and Sister Jones, and Kelley Aquino they indexed 5302 names in May. It was a fun time and I am sure the Branch is going to have even more indexers soon.
     Oklahoma City First Ward
    The turn out was not very heavy for the Ice Cream Social held on Saturday night May 28th, in the Oklahoma First Ward. About 25 people came. Perhaps it was because of the Memorial day week-end. Those who came enjoyed good fellowship and a lot of Ice Cream!!  The indexers in the First Ward are doing a great job.
    Woodward Branch Ice Cream Social
     Saturday July 2, 2011
    There were over 50 people at the Ice Cream Social In Woodward on Saturday afternoon.
    They brought all kinds of cookies and toppings. It was a lot of fun and they are awesome!
    Thank you Woodward Indexers for all your hard work and time at Indexing.
    A very special thank-you to all of your veterans and service men and women in our Stake on this Fourth of July week-end.


    Saturday, June 25, 2011

    Indexing update

    This blogpage has not been updated this month and I feel bad about that. Sometimes I get so busy with other projects and working that time just flies by. On the first of July I will post the Stake Indexing Statistic's for May and June.
    We have had the opportunity to hold two of the Ice Cream Socials for the Wards and Branch that have met the Challenge of Indexing their "Magic Number" so far this year. Pictures to follow.
     We are working on a date for Edmond 1st and Edmond 2nd Ward. Let you know the details later.  This coming Saturday, July 2nd we are headed out to the Woodward Branch to hold their Ice Cream Social. I know President Haralson is looking forward to that as he LOVES Ice Cream!!
    New Family History Assignment
    Brother Tim Toland of the Clinton Ward has been given the High Councilman's assignment of Family History Work in the Stake. I look forward to working with him and will be going on speaking assignments with him in the next couple of months.  As you may know our past High Councilman was just called to be the Bishop of the OKC 3rd Ward. Richard Poling is a great man and will do a good job as Bishop.
    Indexing Beta Test
    There has been  a recent Indexing Beta test  that I have participated in during the month of June. I am very excited about the upgrades that are coming soon to the Indexing program. One thing that is going to be added is a tab for " My Accuracy" . You will click on this new tab and it  will allow you to see how your work was corrected by the arbitrators. You will be able to view each batch that you complete after it is arbitrated. This new feature will be very helpful to all of us who index.
    During the month of June the Indexing numbers have fallen off considerably. I know my own indexing efforts are pretty low this month. I am praying and hoping that all of you will  join me and get back at it again and help us reach our new Stake Goal of 750,000 names by November first. It will take a miracle.

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    Ice Cream Socials Begin

    The First Ice Cream Social will be held in the Oklahoma City Fourth Branch on Friday night May 27th at 7:00 PM at the Stake Center. President Baclawski is bringing the ice cream and they are bringing the toppings and other goodies that they wish to have. Sister Gilbert will talk to everyone about Indexing and there will be an opportunity to go the the Family History Center to sign-up to become an indexer. There are many Spanish records that need to be indexed and any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Saturday night, the 28th at 6:00 Pm the OKC First Ward will enjoy their Ice Cream Social at the Stake Center. We look forward to the whole Ward coming to eat some ice cream with President Baclawski  and learn of the NEW "DINNER WITH THE PRESIDENT CHALLENGE" !!!!  You'll like this one too.  There will be more information about this new challenge on this blog page next week.                                                                                  Thanks to my home Ward (OKC#1) for having such dedicated indexers. We have always been the number one Ward in the Stake at indexing, even though some other Ward ?? (I won't mention them by name,QC) has tried to unseat us, in the past.  We love a good challenge and I am saying this all in a fun way.
    Edmond Ward's and Woodward,we are working on a date to come and have ice cream with you also.  Other Ward's that are trying to reach their "Magic Number" please keep up the good work and set a month that you want to acheive that goal and everyone work hard to do it.  It can be done if you all work together.
    The following article was sent to me via Familysearch and I thought you might like to read about the importance of the  Indexing work that you are doing.
    Indexing Helps Researchers

    by Jim Ericson, Product Marketing

    While many people know that the time and effort they spend indexing
    historical records helps the family history community, many don't understand
    exactly how these records are used. Many volunteers have asked for some
    clarification on how the records they index are actually used and what benefit
    they provide.

    The Benefits You Provide
    Volunteers from around the world
    have indexed hundreds of millions of records over the past 30 years that are now
    available free to the public on, supporting the site's mission of
    helping the entire family history community have access to the records of their

    Every name you index is a name that will eventually be searchable (and
    findable) on Indexing isn't a way to benefit FamilySearch as
    an organization—it's a way to benefit the entire community of family history researchers find
    records and identify their ancestors more quickly. Many people every day are
    making discoveries or research breakthroughs because of the volunteer efforts of
    FamilySearch indexers.

    Appreciation Expressed
    Here are a few recent notes of
    appreciation that have been shared on our Facebook fan pages at and

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    Important Tips and News Alert from the Stake

    Happy Mother's Day to All
    While working as an arbitrator last week on the 1930 US Census Records for Pennsylvania I came across a couple of batches that had to be returned because someone had mistakenly put in "No Extractable Data" for pages that contained no data, rather than " Blank".   I have no idea who did the indexing but I thought it might be a good idea to remind all of the indexers in OKC Stake  that while you are indexing you should be sure that "Blank" is used when there is absolutely nothing on a line. "No extractable Data" means there is something on the line, but not what you are asked to index. 
     Another tip to remember is that when the last line of a "fixed line" batch like the census records where the worksheet is automatically sent to 50 lines and you can't change it to less lines, that is where you have to make sure all the lines have something in them, even if it is "blank". 
    When you are on the last line and you put in "Blank" but you can't submit the batch,  look down on the bottom right side under the worksheet to see what your percentage of completed batch says. If it says something like 98% and you can't figure out why then try using your tab key to get to the end of the last line. That is usually the problem, you need to tab all the way across the last line when it is blank. That should then change the percentage completed to  100%  and you will be able to submit your batch.
    They are raising the bar for our Stake Indexing program. The Stake Presidency would like us to Index 750,000 names by the Days of Thanksgiving which is the first week in November.  They believe in us!!  They see what we did in April and believe that we can easily make the new goal, if we just keep up the good work. My thoughts were, Why stop there, why not go for ONE MILLION names by the end of the year?  Tell me what you think. Do you think we can make the new Stake Goal  or more by November?  Just leave a comment at the bottom of this blog page, or email me at
    Ice Cream Socials To Begin
    Plans are underway to start the first of our 5 Ice Cream Socials for the Challenge winners in April. That would be OKC 1st Ward, Edmond 1st, Edmond 2nd, Woodward Branch and OKC 4th Branch. We look forward to coming to all the  Ward's as you meet the challenge sometime this year. Keep up the great work and we will see you soon. All indexing efforts are greatly appreciated.
    Brother and Sister Hathaway, our Area Family History Advisers paid us all a wonderful compliment this week, via email to me. I would like to share what they said about indexing in our Stake .  Sister Hathaway said: " I enjoyed viewing your blog and wish every stake was as involved as yours is in indexing. Yours is one of the most active stakes in indexing of the 34 stakes we work with. You are doing an incredible job with involving those of your stake in indexing. Keep up the good work! :)

    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    May 2011 Indexing Statistics

    Ice Cream Social Challenge
    May 2011 Stake Report
    108,054 Names Indexed and Arbitrated
    It is amazing what a good challenge will do for a Stake!  I am totally excited about the efforts that were made this April with indexing. This Sunday in our Fast and Testimony meeting several indexers got up and bore their testimonies about the importance of Indexing. Not just for the Stake, but for the World. That through our indexing work we are providing records to the world that may never have been available before. I can't thank you all enough for helping with Indexing and hope that we may continue our great work for the Lord.
    APRIL RESULTS   totals = indexed and arbitrated
    Clinton  -                7204 names           magic number = 19,394
    Edmond First  -     13,900 names          magic number  =   9390
    Edmond Second    10,987 names          magic number  =   4708
    OKC Fifth               8,498 names           magic number =   8706
    OKC First             39,439 names           magic number = 31,636
    OKC Fourth Branch 7,400 names           magic number =       30
    OKC Third              5,945 names           magic number = 16,414
    OkC University            27 names           magic number =    1366
    Quail Creek            5,977 names           magic number = 31,198
                 Village           2,224 names         magic number       =  17,226          
    Woodward              6,418   names         magic number        =     504
    Those highlighted in RED will be having an Ice Cream Social for the whole Ward/Branch.
    I can taste that Ice Cream already. If your Ward did not make it this month, you have till
    the end of the year. OKC Fifth you were so close this month, keep up the good work.
    Indexing accomplishments of  over 5,000 names in April;
    Tom Connelly    11,717
    Lonie Seagraves   9,971
    Gary Howell         8,106
    Kelley Aquino      7,273
    Scott Foulger        6.592
    Melissa Connelly  6,454 
    Gene Bushman     5,189
    These names and numbers are posted to be an inspiration to the rest of us in the Stake. These people have an absolute love of indexing and it shows us all what we can be capable of. I am so grateful to all the indexers in our Stake. Every name is important and even if you can't accomplish this many names in a month, if you will just try to do all that you can, on a regular and consistant basis it will be greatly appreciated.  We have at this time 217 indexers registered. The total names indexed this month, 108,054 was accomplished by just 61 indexers. What do you think we could do if all 217 members indexed on a regular basis?  I think it would be incredible. Let's encourage everyone to index.