Family History and Indexing


Sunday, September 11, 2011


Stake Indexing for August
The indexing numbers for August are in and as a Stake we indexed and arbitrated 37,719 names.
Our cummulative total is now up to 490,247 names which would be great for our old goal, but remeber that the goal was raised to 750,000 names by November 1, 2011. That means we have 259,253 names to go by that date, just 1 1/2 months left.
The total per Ward is listed below:
Clinton                     733
Edmond 1st             4831
Edmond 2nd            7178
OKC 5th                  5441
OKC 1st                  3711
OKC 3rd            3509
University Ward          75
Quail Creek             4028
Village Ward             273
Woodward              7447       
Dinner with the Stake President
There has been a lot of interest and questions about how many names will it take to become one of the TOP TEN Indexers in the Stake and be able to have dinner with the Stake President later this year. Well I decided to post the names of the top 20 indexers as of 11 September 2011. They are listed in the order of the number of names they have indexed and or arbitrated so far this year. As to not make anyone feel uncomfortable about what they are able to do, I will not list the number  of names that got them on the list. But I will give you a range that they fall in. If you would like to know what your total is so far this year please call me or email me and I will be happy to tell you. Remember that you can still get on the TOP TEN LIST. I will update this list each month and you have till December 31st to acheive this goal.
The TOP 20 Indexers are:)) ( in order of their standing on 11 Sep)
Jessie Crawford   - Edmond 1st             High Range = 42,000
Gene Bushman     - OKC 3rd
Lonie Seagraves   - OKC 1st
Tamara Windholz  - WoodWard
Gary Howell           - Edmond 2nd
Judy McGraw          - Edmond 1st
Bobby Gilliland       - Clinton
Coreena Gilliland    - Clinton
Evelyn Kelley Aquino - OKC 1st
Mary Butts                  - OKC 5th           Low Range = 17,200
Melissa Connelly        - OKC 1st            High Range   = 14,500
Lois Gilbert                 - OKC 1st
Colette Datin              - Quail Creek
Tom Connelly             - OKC 1st
Shirley Corrigan         - OKC 3rd
Barry Peterson           - OKC 1st
Nora Muzingo             - Quail Creek
Laura Sebourn            - Village 
Kathrine Burton          - OKC1st
Loreen Scabby            - OKC 5th                         Low Range = 7,600
Please remember that we appreciate the work that you do even if your name is not on this list. By dedicating your time and talent to indexing on a consistant basis you will see your indexing and arbitration numbers climb. We thank you for all that you do, whenever you can do it. Keep up the good work. I know that those people that are having their records added to the computer database at Family Searhc, must surely be excited to know that someone will be able to find their names and hopefully do the Temple work they require.