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Friday, December 26, 2014

December Indexing and Temple News

Arlington Cemetery, Arlington,VA (taken by Pamela Brown Reid 2014)

Stake To Honor Top 5 Indexers and Top 5 Arbitrators

Mark your Calendars for January 30th, a Friday night at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM for a social to honor the top 5 Indexers, top 5 arbitrators and the top 5 Youth indexers in our Stake.  These indexers and arbitrators and their families are invited. The Top Indexing Ward, Quail Creek, is also invited. Listed below are the names of those who made the top 5 list. (Next week the year end report will be posted for your Ward.)

Top 5 Indexers:                                                         Top 5 Arbitrators:

Jessie Crawford, Edmond First                                 Judy McGraw, Edmond First
Nora Muzingo, Quail Creek                                     Gene Bushman, Village
Erin LeBlanc, Village                                               Mary Butts, Okc 5th
Wilma White, Okc 1st                                              Charles Howell, Quail Creek
Donna Saxon, Quail Creek                                       Colette Datin, Quail Creek

Top 5 Youth Indexers

Courtney Wilkinson, Village
Bailey Ingram, Okc 5th
Emma Aquino, Okc 1st
Vanessa Aquino, Okc 1st
Falyn Crawford, Okc 1st

I would like to personally thank all of the Indexers in the Stake for their hard work in 2014.  Indexing is a great way to Serve the Lord, from home. The names that we index and arbitrate, provide researchers, perhaps ourselves, with the opportunity to prepare to take our ancestors  names to the Temple.

Gifts: A Progress Report from FamilySearch Blog
August 4, 2014 by Katie Gale - a summation

FamilySearch recently announced that they have one billion images of historical documents available on-line and viewable on Of that amazing number only 22 percent of them are indexed. We still have a lot of work to do, so that we can easily search for these documents. The people at FamilySearch are working hard to make the best use of volunteers' gifts of time and talent.  

Most of the advancements are coming in the new indexing program, next year, but there are several things that you may have seen already. Recently I have downloaded batches that are called "Single-key indexing projects". This means that simple projects, like typewritten records, that are indexed accurately by most volunteers, will only be transcribed once, by one indexer and will not be arbitrated. The quality will be monitored closely and if the quality of a project drops, a peer review or arbitration process will be added.  You can tell if you have downloaded one of these batches, by reading the message that pops up when the download is completed, just before you start to work on the batch. When I get one of these batches, I take my time and check for typos before I submit it. It appears that your accuracy is the key factor in determining if you are eligible to index these "single Key" batches. 

2015 Stake Indexing Goal

 The Indexing goal for our Stake in 2015 is more than a number. While we would like to keep our 2014 goal of 1 Million names, indexed and arbitrated, we are also going to encourage our Stake indexers to prepare Family File names to take to the Temple. Each Ward gets a report from Salt Lake on how many members are doing family file names at the Temple. The percentage is not very high for our Stake. We would like to see an increase in that number as well as in our Indexing results for 2015.

Last week at the Temple, President Hanson told us that he has been asked by the Temple department to increase the number of "Family Baptism Sessions". It seems that this special time, for families at the baptismal font, has been very successful and Salt Lake would like to see more time given for parents to come with their children and family names. 
 As a result of this, President Hanson is adding 8 more Family Baptism times to our monthly schedule at the Oklahoma City Temple.  He said he will add these extra family baptismal sessions, starting in February,  early on Friday nights and on Saturday afternoons, every week . The exact time of these Family Baptismal Sessions will be announced later. There is no need to make a reservation, just show up with your children and your family file names. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

November Indexing Report 2014

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple - to be dedicated in 2016

It has been a long time since I have posted any indexing reports to this blog. I hope that I can now get started back at keeping all of our 735 Stake Indexers updated on the valuable service that they are doing. I would like to thank all of you that have indexed or arbitrated this year. We hope to have an even better year in 2015. There are lots of Obituaries to work on and I will be posting helpful hints on how to decide what the relationship to the deceased should be. Please check back here often to see new hints! Obituaries are very valuable and there are tons of them to do. They contain lots of information and many names, , we need your help!

 FamilySearch is looking for anyone who is an arbitrator, to learn how to arbitrate the obituary project. If you can, please take time to arbitrate an extra obituary this month. After Christmas, in January, we will have a training session for all indexers and arbitrators with specific training in obituaries. Thank you again for all that you do to help with this great Service effort.

November 2014 Indexing/Arbitrating Report

53,863 total names for month!
(our highest month this year)
Thank you everyone!!!!! 

Stake Year to Date Indexing/Arbitration
417,558 names  !!!

    • Clinton                        734
    • Edmond First           6821
    • Edmond Second       5612
    • OKC Fifth                 2820
    • OKC First              16,404 
    • OKC Third               3492
    • Quail Creek              5676
    • Village                        6502
    • Woodward                  3211

 OKC Youth Totals for November 

  • Okc First Ward              2591
I would like to Challenge all of you to help us make it to 500,000 names by December 31st!

Obituary Helpful Tips:
These tips come from  mistakes that I see when I arbitrate obituaries. The most common mistake is trying to determine the correct relationship to the deceased. Since you can not determine the gender of an individual by the name, you have to decide if you will need to use a generic relationship term. 

For Example: when do I use Parent verses when do I use Mother or Father?
  1. If the obit says: daughter of John and Mary Metzger Smith 
          You would index it as: Relationship =  parent for both names;
Parent = John (given name)  Smith ( surname)
Parent =  Mary Metzger (given names)  Smith (surname)

You can not determine the gender from the given names. 

  2.  If the obit says:  daughter of John and Mary (Metzger) Smith
       You would index it as: Relationship would be Father, then Mother 
          Father = John (given name) Smith (surname)
 and  Mother = Mary (given Name), Metzger Smith ( surnames)
You can determine that Mary is a female by her maiden name in Parentheses 

3. If the name of the Deceased (always entered as the #1 name in all obits) is shown to be Ruby Mary Metzger Smith, and you can see the name Metzger with her father's name, ie., John Metzger, then you can use Metzger Smith as the Surname of the Deceased. But, you can only do that if you see that  the father's surname matches. You should read the whole obit before you start indexing.
 It would look like this:

Deceased: Ruby Mary (given Name)  Metzger Smith (surname)

If the Father's last name is different and does not match that of the deceased,  then it would be entered this way:

Deceased: Ruby Mary Metzger (given names) Smith (surname)