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Monday, January 7, 2013

Indexing hints and Mobile Devices

Family Trees 

The 3rd Annual Roots Tech Conference  will be held in Salt Lake City on March 21st - 23rd, 2013. It will have over 250 classes and many vendors will be  there with the latest gadgets and electronic devices available for Genealogists and Family History Buffs. Learn how to get organized, present family stories, preserve your records, digitized your files, use your digital camera and scanner,  and  learn new research techniques. Of special interest for the families are two classes:  "10 Fun Family History Activities", and "How To Get Your Teenager Involved in your Family History". 
The cost for three  full days of learning and sharing is $149.00. If you can go to this, it is a great conference to attend. For more information try the following link: Rootstech Conference

If you can't afford to go to Utah for a family history conference, just wait as the OKC Stake Family Research Center is going to have a free day long conference in April. More details later.

Hand Held Devices for Indexing
photo credit: blakespot via photopin cc

If you or any of your friends are using the app from FamilySearch on your hand held devices just remember that those records are not currently counted in our Stake Indexing numbers. Please send me a personal email at to let me know who has been indexing in your Ward and not getting credit for their work. If you could give me their name and the number of names they submitted I can call Salt Lake City and find out why their numbers are not showing up in my reports. If they were done on anything but a traditional desktop or laptop then that may be the reason they are not showing up in our reports.

FamilySearch reports that the Beta test on the App for mobile devices was done to  find out three things:
  • To gauge the overall interest in mobile indexing
  • get feedback on the product
  • determine the relative effectiveness of the mobile approach
What they learned was that there is a great interest in mobile indexing, but that the amount of indexing is, on average, far less than the most traditional desktop indexers. They also learned that producing those one-name snippets, is relatively expensive for FamilySearch, verses the traditional batch images.

So what does that mean for the future of the mobile App? Right now Family Search has restricted the downloading of the app. They are taking all of the comments and suggestions and working on a better system, that may produce a whole new way of indexing, on a desktop as well. They realize that there are many people who may never index the traditional way and would like them to have an avenue to continue their indexing. Interestingly that App was downloaded 150,000 times and more than 21,000 individuals used it each month.

When indexing the U S New York State 1865 Census,please note that when the relationship  is shown as CHILD you should not put in daughter or son, but rather you should just type in the word CHILD. 
The word CHILD is not in the drop-down list so it will turn red, but you can wait till you get to the end of your batch and in Quality Check you can say "Accept all" for CHILD and it will approve that entry for every place you added it.
Also remember that all blank lines should go to the bottom of the form.  
There are always two pages, one on the left and one on the right side of the image.