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Sunday, January 30, 2011

End of Year Report 2010

2010 Goal was 250,00

End of the year Stake

Indexing Report

WE DID IT !!!!!

Congratulations to everyone.

Total Names Indexed by OKC Stake Indexers was 258,920

I appoligize for positng these results so late. We had a very busy holiday season with family, and I am just getting back to normal. This year I will try to keep you updated on some great tips that might help you with your indexing problems. If you look on the right side of this blog page you will see that I have added some great links that may of be help to you also. Please try to click on them and check out what they have to offer. I may add more as I find some that may be of interest to all indexers. Please leave comments or questions at the bottom of the blog, or send me an email.

Ward or Branch yearly totals are:

Clinton Ward 23,731 - Indexed ; 0 - Arbitrated

Edmond First 21,053 - Indexed; 4,101 - Arbitrated

Edmond Second 9,410 - Indexed; 1312 - Arbitrated

OKC Fifth Ward 19,538 - Indexed; 0 - Arbitrated

OKC First Ward 74,956 - Indexed; 11,332 - Arbitrated

OKC Fourth Branch 15 - Indexed; 0 - Arbitrated

OKC Third Ward 29,111 - Indexed; 6391 - Arbitrated

OKC University Ward 1,487 - Indexed; 0 - Arbitrated

Quail Creek Ward 35,381 - Indexed; 1,621 - Arbitrated

Village Ward 38,914 - Indexed; 3,449 - Arbitrated

Woodward Branch 3956 - Indexed; 0 - Arbitrated

Contributors that Moved 1,214 -Indexed; 0 -Arbitrated

Thank You to Everyone who even indexed one name. We could not do it without your efforts. You all did a really GREAT job.

Let's keep up the good work so that we can make our new Stake Goal for 2011 of

500,000 names