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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Lake Seneca New York Sunset - Girl's Camp 2007


Fourteen members of the Oklahoma City Stake signed up in October to become indexers.
I am now receiving an email from SLC each time someone new signs up.

I would like to welcome all of you, and challenge you to set a goal for each month. Once you set your goal the computer will automatically give you an accumulative count of the names you have completed with each batch you submit.

It helps to have a goal, no matter how big or small it is, to encourage you to consistently work on indexing. The key word being consistently! A new indexer might try 200 names a month. that would be equal to 5 , 1930 census batches, which are beginning batches.

We appreciate any and all that you can do to further the work of the Lord in the Oklahoma City Stake. It appears that our Stake is one of the top 5 Stakes in the North Texas, Oklahoma, Southwest Missouri and Eastern Arkansas area, which includes 34 Stakes. We are number two in indexing this year, in this area as reported by Brother Kirk Hathaway, area regional Family History Advisor. The number one Stake has indexed 415,576 names as of Nov. 1, 2010.

As of November 1, 2010 we have 175 indexers in the Stake, but only 59 of those indexers contributed any names in October. What can we do to encourage members of our Stake, who are already signed up, to consistently work at indexing?


Maria Guadalupe Villarreal
Christine Murphy
Michael Robert Prescott
Evelyn K Aquino
Edwin Santos Seda
Gretchen E Bowman
Benjamin Bowman
Marcos Aquino
Felisha Lynn Coltrin
Katrina Marie Hansen
Comesha Dinaelle Contee
Melissa Lyon
Sherrie Lynn Furber
Megan Dawnelle Talbot

Monday, November 1, 2010

October Statistics

October Stake Statistics
The Oklahoma City Stake has completed
191,689 names YTD
Congratulations to all Indexers
For a Great Effort !!
To Reach our year-end goal of 250,000 names
we need to do 58,311 names before Jan 1, 2011
I know that we can do it.
Statistics by Ward
Clinton = 930 names , 4 indexers, 0 redo batches
Edmond First= 3970 names, 5 indexers, 18 redo batches
Edmond Second= 858 names, 4 indexers, 0 redo batches
OKC First = 9380 names,16 indexers, 3 redo batches
OKC Fifth = 3812 names, 3 indexers, 0 redo batches
OKC Third = 2556 names, 3 indexers, 6 redo batches
OKC University =1 name, 1 indexer, 0 redo batches
Quail Creek = 6494 names, 10 indexers, 8 redo batches
Village = 7863 names, 11 indexers, 1 redo batches
Woodward Branch = 212 names, 2 indexers, o redo batches
ARBITRATIONS = 3068 names, 5 arbitrators