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Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 2015 Indexing Reports

taken by Lee Schuler - Pennsylvania

Oklahoma City Stake Indexing Reports for Feb 2015

Stake Cum YTD 115,456 names

February Indexing Stats by Ward:
    Ward                                                         Indexed        Arbitrated
  • Clinton                                                       203
  • Edmond First                                          3017                  3006
  • Edmond Second                                      6892                  1684
  • Okc Fifth                                                 1625                   4449
  • Okc First                                                 7815                 14199
  • Okc Third                                                 617                       21
  • Quail Creek                                            5024                   3814
  • Village Ward                                          2425                   4780
  • Woodard Branch                                       37                       51        

Youth Indexing By Ward:

Ward                                                              Indexed              Arbitrated
  • Okc Fifth                                                      66
  • Okc First                                                       50
  • Village Ward                                                                         4930

Oklahoma City Stake Indexing Social 

Thank you to all of you who could attend the Indexing Social last January 29th, 2015, for the recognition of  the top Indexers and Arbitrators and  the top Youth for the year 2014. There were about 28 members in attendance that night and we had a good time.  You may have seen the article and photo  in the Stake Winter Newsletter that recently was sent out. 

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic kick-off of 2015 Indexing and Arbitration. Looking at the report for February, I see that we have arbitrated more names this month than we indexed. We have never done that.  Good work! I am trying to increase the number of Arbitrators in our Stake. Right now we have about 5% Arbitrators out of all those signed up to Index, and I would love to see it jump to 10%. So if you would like to learn about arbitration please contact me or your Ward's Group Administrator.

Dennis Brimhall, the CEO of FamilySearch said at RootsTech 2015, that every name you index  means you have changed that persons life forever!!!  I have been pondering that statement and it changes the way I think about the time spent indexing. We should also be preparing the names of our ancestors to take to the Temple.

Check out the new poster on the Family History Center Bulletin Board at the Stake Center for 2015