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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks For Giving to the Indexing Program

 Give Thanks
November has arrived and it is almost Thanksgiving day. I am so thankful for my opportunity to serve the Lord through the Indexing Program and Temple Service for those who are unable to do their own work.

Who are currently indexing in our Stake. A Special Thanks to those who
were able to attend the Arbitrators and Ward Indexing Specialist meeting
this past Saturday.
I appreciate your support and enthusiastic input for the work.

names indexed and arbitrated as of 19 Nov 2011
Great Work Everyone! Thank you

October Ward Statistics
  Ward                                              total names indexed & arbitrated
Clinton Ward                                                                             845
Edmond First Ward                                                                  4013
Edmond Second Ward                                                           13,816
Oklahoma City Fifth Ward                                                      12,325 
Oklahoma City First Ward                                                      17,089
Oklahoma City Third Ward                                                       6,239 
Oklahoma City University Ward                                                   154
Quail Creek Ward                                                                     3,508
Village Ward                                                                             1,193
Woodward Branch                                                                    8,552

 Congratulations to the Following Wards Who Won 
An Ice Cream Social since September :)

Quail Creek Ward and  OKC Fifth Ward
Great Work and we are choosing a date to come
and enjoy some ice cream with you, probably after the New year
(Edmond Second Ward we haven't forgotten your Ice Cream Social, you will be hearing from us soon to schedule a date.)
News you have been waiting to hear!

Top Ten
Awards Dinner with the Presidency
Plans are made for January 28th at the Stake Building for the Top Ten Indexers and their spouse or a friend. You will receive your invitation after the first of the year when the Top Ten Announcement is made.

Who is in the running for the TOP TEN:
As of October 31st, 2011. In order of # of names indexed and arbitrated for the year.
You still have November and December to make it  
Gary Howell               over 53,000
Gene Bushman           over 45,000
Jessie Crawford          over 44,000
Tamara Windholz        over 40,000      
Lonie Seagraves          over 39,000
Mary Butts                  over 34,000
Judy McGraw              over 30,000
Evelyn Aquino             over 27,000
Coreena Gilliland         over 19,900
Bobby Gilliland            over 19,700   
Colette Datin                over 17,300
Lois Gilbert                  over 15,400
Melissa Conley             over 14,900
Shirley Corrigan           over,13,600
Tom Conley                 over 12,000
Nora Muzingo              over 11,700
Barry Peterson             over 11,300
Loreen Scabby             over 11,200
Laura Sebourn              over 10,100
Kathrine Burton           over    9,100  

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