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Monday, November 19, 2012

Top Youth Indexers Report

A Report on the top 5 Youth
Indexers in the Stake

As of today, November 19th 2012, these are the  five outstanding Youth Indexers in the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Stake:
  1. Megan Green          2971 names  - Edmond First
  2. Nathan Connelly     2015 names - Oklahoma First
  3. Emma Aquino         1420 names - Oklahoma First
  4. Chandler Haymore  1321 names - Edmond First
  5. Elizabeth Mendus    1241 names - Oklahoma First
(cumulative for the year to date) 

But Beware, Village Ward and Oklahoma City Fifth Ward have youth who are really working hard for our November Challenge. If the top five would like to maintain their status they might want to add a few more names to their credit. Otherwise this list will be changing.

You have till the end of the year(December 31st)  to become one of the top 5 Youth Indexers. These top 5 and their families will be invited to our Annual Stake Indexing Awards Social in February.  Parents please encourage your youth to engage in this work.

 I am really proud of our Youth who have worked hard at Indexing, You are all doing a good job, but don't give up. You will be surprised how a little work done regularly, adds up.

The Third Week of the November Stake Challenge report will be posted on Wednesday night (Nov. 21).

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