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Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 2012 Stake Indexing Statistics

Stake Indexing Statistics
  106,806 in January !!

Ward Statistics:  Names indexed &  arbitrated
Clinton                             725
Edmond First                 4243 
Edmond Second             3794
OKC Fifth                     14429  
OKC First                     37479
OKC Third                    27796
University                         823
Quail Creek                    8221
Village Ward                  1886
Woodward                       5934


What a great start for the new year and our goal of 2 million names for this year. We have already seen an increase in the number of youth who have accepted the challenge of doing 50 names a week. Based upon the fact that we have 377 youth in our Stake if they each  did 50 names a week, or 200 a month, it would be possible for them to do almost1 million names by themselves. Thus increasing our goal to 2 million names. (Earlier estimates were a little higher, my mistake)
I believe that the youth can out-do the current indexers, and I challenge them to do so. Let's all help them learn to love Family History work and indexing. They already have the skills and knowledge with the Technology.

Stake Indexing Awards Dinner

Saturday night, January 28th we held the Awards Dinner at the Stake Center, to honor those who were on the Top Ten Indexing list. We all enjoyed the great family history stories told by our Stake President and a fine meal. I would like to thank the youth who came to help in the kitchen and Sister Eve Hughey who helped with the preparations  and clean-up. A fun evening was enjoyed by all, and we missed those who could not make it that night. When I get a photo of the group with their awards I will post it for you to see.
Those who were also on the Top Twenty List were mailed Certificates of Appreciation for their indexing/arbitration efforts. Thanks goes to everyone who indexed this past year. Each and every name is important and we thank you all for a job well done.

In 2011 as a Stake, we earned the honor of being  the 3rd highest indexing Stake in a 34 Stake area. This area includes North Texas, Southwest Missouri, Eastern Arkansas and Okahoma , as reported by Brother Kirk Hathaway, our area Family History Adviser. Let's be number one  in 2012!!

Family Search is preparing to roll out the 1940 census records and they are looking for 100,000 additional indexers for this project. They expect that 132 million records will be indexed by the end of 2012, but that depends on how many volunteers work on them.  As I recall we lost some indexers this summer when we finished the 1930 US Census project. Hopefully those people will rejoin the effort to do this new 1940 census project. The release of the 1940 census will be available sometime after April 2. Since these records will be released by the National Archives and Records Administration in the form  of free digital images they will be ready to index. 
Most indexers will love these records because their grandparents or parents names will be on them. There are tens of millions of people still alive today who were living in 1940. You can find out more about the 1940 US Census by going online at  or waiting till April 2nd and start indexing. 

2012 Ice Cream Social Goals
I haven't had time to calculate what the number needed for each Ward/Branch would be to win an Ice Cream Social this year. If you remember we are asking for 125% more than last year. I promise to have those numbers next time I update this page.

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  1. Thank's Lois for your efforts on this blog. It is fun to read about what is going on in indexing at the Stake level. You are awesome.