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Monday, March 25, 2013

ROOTS and Updates on March Madness.

Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City - taken by Lois Gilbert

Family Research Conference

April 12th Fireside - Saturday April 13th Conference From
8:30 - 5:00 at the Stake Center
Great Classes and ideas.
See your ward Family History Consultants for a registration form.

March Madness Indexing
total from 2/24 - 3/24


Ward                            total indexed 2/24 - 3/24
Clinton                                                2167
Edmond 1st                                        8986
Edmond 2nd                                      6374
Okc 5th                                               5818
Okc 1st                                              13067
Okc 3rd                                               6895
Quail Creek                                       18264
Village                                                  8091
Woodward                                         11,318

Youth                           total indexed 2/24 - 3/24
Edmond 1st                                        2440
Edmond 2nd                                        429
Okc 5th                                               1651
Okc 1st                                                  619
Okc 4th Branch                         53
Okc 3rd                                                 358
Quail Creek                                        3001
Village                                                  3849

Youth Rock Climbers
Three more Youth have made their goal of 1500 names and will be going to the Indoor Rock Climbing  event courtesy of President Baclawski.

  1. Courtney Wilkinson -  1584 names Village Ward
  2. Rylan Pierson           - 1647 names Quail Creek Ward
  3. Jalen Pierson            - 1740 names Quail Creek Ward
  4. Megan Milligan         - 2110 names  Edmond First Ward
  5. Gretchen Christensen -1633 names Oklahoma City Fifth 
Good Work !  and more about these great achievements later. We are grateful to all of you are trying to make this goal and for your interest in family history work. The future is yours, we want you to grow to love family history work and going to the Temple with family names. By indexing you are making it possible for other people to find their family names and do their work at the Temple.

RootsTech Report

Elizabeth and Lois at the Conference March 21-23rd in Salt Lake City

My daughter and I  had a great time at the RootsTech Conference this past week. I have lots of things to share with the Stake about new software programs and guidelines from Family Search for History Consultants.

What do you think RootsTech and HOG (Harley Owners Group) and Tattoo Convention have in common?
They were all having a convention at the Salt Palace at the same time!!!  I asked Don if he would be too shocked if I came home with a tattoo?  He nearly exploded, but I was only teasing him, and we both laughed at that one.  Then there was the NCAA Basketball Tournment last week-end in Salt Lake City too! That caused a lot of slow and intermittent internet connections at RootsTech. 

The theme of RootsTech conference was "FIND, ORGANIZE, PRESERVE and SHARE ( FOPS).
Dennis Brimhall gave the first keynote address and he said "we need to get a lot ,more people engaged in Family History work."  It is all about their stories, not Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets. There is plenty of new technology out there to support the work. Can't wait to tell you more about it!

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