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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Madness Indexing Update

Welcome Welcome Sabbath Morning, taken by Bishop Wooley in PA
Sunday, March 10th on his way to Church.

Second Youth to meet Challenge of 1500 Names
and to go  Indoor Rock Climbing !!

Quail Creek Ward
Great Work !!  Come on Youth 
There are only 27 days left in this challenge.

Stake March Madness Indexing Challenge
500,000 names - 45,455 names per unit by
April 6th.

Stake Total = 42,644 on March 10th, 27 days to go

Ward                                           Total       as of March 10th
Clinton                                             1066
Edmond 1st                                     4912
Edmond 2nd                                  2869
Okc 5th                                             1819
Okc 1st                                             6650
Okc 3rd                                            1519
Quail Creek                                     8277
Village                                              3749
Woodward                                       5647     

Youth by Ward                        Total        as of March 10th 
Edmond 1st                                   727                             
Okc 5th                                           123
Okc 1st                                             114
Okc 4th Branch                                11
Quail Creek                                  2001
Village                                           3052

Indexing and Arbitration Tips
If you are indexing or arbitrating the US Community project - New York Passenger List 1942-1957 please read the project instructions about indexing ALL names.
Common mistakes I see when arbitrating these records include the following:
  • Not adding the names of people who signed the document, found near the bottom. There may be two or three other names of the captain, master,  or immigration inspector, etc. 
  • Do not expand abbreviations of nationality or birth place names. Such as: Amer. just enter Amer or if it says U.S.A.  enter USA ; don't forget we do not enter punctuation unless there is a hyphen between surnames. If an address is given do not assume it is a place of birth or nationally, unless it is under the heading "birth" or "nationally".

These are fun records to do because most are typed, if your batch isn't typed, you can return it for someone else to do.

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