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Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 2016 News

Libraries - the places where memories are saved!

Judy Russell, posted to her blog,The Legal Genealogist,  on Jan 7th, 2016 that the New York Public Library  is offering free images of 180,000 digitized items found in the Library's holdings. These items are from material that is out of copyright protection. They are now Free, no permission required, no hoops to jump through, just use them however you might want. Ms. Russell  quoted from: 
  1. Shana Kimball, “Free for All: NYPL Enhances Public Domain Collections For Sharing and Reuse,” NYPL Blogs, posted 5 Jan 2016 ( : accessed 6 Jan 2016). 
To go to the  hot link to the NYPL Blog, just click above.

I am excited to go and look at their photos and public domain materials of historical documents that they have acquired over the years. Some of them may show up on this blog page.

If you have never read Judy Russell's blog pages you should check it out at this link:
Ms Russell is an attorney/genealogist and highly sort after as a public speaker. Last summer she was in Oklahoma City giving a day long seminar for the Oklahoma Historical Society and I was able to attend. She is a wonderful, funny, and highly intelligent genealogist.

                          OKC Stake Indexing 2015

 The total number of names indexed and arbitrated for the whole Stake, this past year, 2015


Good Job !! 

FamilySearch Partnership Offers 

You may have heard people talking about the FS Partnership offers to get free accounts with:, My Heritage, Find My Past or  American Ancestors. These are made available to you through your Church membership.   This is a fantastic value as some of these subscriptions can cost you $200.00 a year or more. 

One of the great values I have just learned about with is that they offer three features to LDS accounts that are not available to the general, or paid subscription, users. These are as follows: 
  1. You can either continue any family tree you may have started as a paid subscription user,  or you can import 4 generations from your FS Tree. You don't have to start from scratch.
  2. You can connect any individual in your Ancestry tree with your Family Search tree, and exchange details. Look for the small FS Tree icon on your person's profile page that says "Connect person to FamilySearch".
  3. Submit Names for Temple Ordinances from your person's profile page in Look for the FS Tree Icon in and click "Request" to view ordinance details. You should compare their details and update any changes first.
My Heritage contains billions of historical records and is available in 42 languages. They search for records and matching family trees while you sleep. Then they send you an email when they have found matches. My Heritage started in 2008 in Israel and have many European family trees already in their database. If you are looking for your family lines in foreign countries this is a great way to link up with fellow researchers.

Find My Past deals mainly with records from the United Kingdom back to AD 875. I don't know much about this site.

American Ancestors is a data base of family trees that deal with 17th century colonial New England through 21st century immigration. It is a product of the New England Historical  Genealogical Society.

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