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Friday, July 3, 2015

June 2015 Stake Indexing Report

Happy 4th of July 

June Stake Indexing Report
YTD CUM 230,012
Ward                                    Total Names
  • Clinton                                             552
  • Edmond First                                   267
  • Edmond Fourth                               3728 
  • Edmond Second                              2499
  • Okc Fifth                                         1103
  • Okc First                                          3394
  • Okc Fourth Branch                              13
  • Okc Seventh                                     3312
  • Okc Third                                         1399
  • Quail Creek                                        350
  • Village                                                739
  • Woodward Branch                                34
  • Edmond Fourth                                     227
  • Okc Third                                                31

Freedmen's Bureau Project
You may have seen in your list of Indexing projects an increase in the Freedmen Bureau batches. You may wonder how that affects you, maybe your family roots don't fall into this category, but these records extend to just about anyone who lived or worked in the south in the years following the civil war.
It includes anyone who needed help after the Civil War. These records reflect the massive effort of the federal government to assist the newly freed slaves and anyone impacted by the war. They provide a look at the legal system and how it worked, or didn't work in those days.
Various records included in this project are: work contracts, marriage records, birth records, school records, wills, food and clothing rationing lists, property settlements, etc.
 More importantly for the black community it was the first time that the names of the children and parents were recorded. The first vital records for this community. These records reflect a massive effort to stabilize the south following the Civil War, and you may even find your ancestors listed there.
Go to the link listed below to hear the Announcement made on June 19th, 2015, 150 years since the day of emancipation,  in Los Angeles, by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and NARA. 

Ever wonder how indexing can help you overcome the world? Watch this short video and see what changes can come into your life through indexing. The Spirit touches each indexers life with power and purpose. Learn to recognize that spirit through indexing.
Just click on the link below to view.

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