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Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 2015 Stake Indexing Report

Boston, MA Temple, taken by Bishop Bob Woolley

April 2015 Indexing Report

Stake Total  for April 31,979 
YTD 189,131

  • Clinton                         90
  • Edmond First               406
  • Edmond Fourth          2541
  • Edmond Second         9961
  • OKC Fifth                    987
  • OKC First                  5675
  • OKC Seventh             5317
  • OKC Third                 2223
  • University                     61
  • Quail Creek                 577
  • Village                      1027

  • Edmond Fourth            3048
  • Edmond Second              17
  • OKC Fifth                        30
  • OKC Third                       19   

Attention All Arbitrators

 This is the week of the big challenge with FamilySearch to help arbitrate as many of the 6 million backlogged records as possible. The challenge began on May 1 and will continue till May 8th. Please make arbitrating a priority.

          FamilySearch Unreserving             Reservations of Temple Names                   (excerpts from FamilySearch Blog: by Ron Tanner, April 20, 2015)

Blooming at the Temple, taken by Linda Hardy

In the near future, any names that you have been keeping on your reserve list for Temple work, more than two years, will be automatically unreserved by FamilySearch. This is going to happen because there are "nearly 12 million ordinance reservations on hold" and not being completed. An amazing statistic is that "5% of FamilySearch patrons hold 60% of those reservations". 

Unreserving inactive temple reservations has become a priority due to the fact that a large number of those ordinances fit that two-year criteria. People that have a large list of reserved names can do something to help ensure that the work is completed in a more timely manner. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Look at your Temple list and see what might be good candidates for sharing with others. Keep the ones you think you can do. You can see your list by opening FamilySearch and clicking on the tab Temple at the top of the screen. 
  2. It is now possible to SHARE with other family members via email. This is a very easy thing to do and it is cardless. Just select and mark the names you want to pass along to someone else and then click the SHARE tab. At that point a window will open and you can select "share with family" or "share with Temple". If you click family you will enter the person's name and email address. The person you send them to will have two weeks to accept these names. If they don't accept them, the names will revert back to your list.
  3. You can also Share with the Temple so that patrons all over the world can have proxy names.
  4. You could unreserve the names then reserve them again, taking them off the two-year list.
  5. You can do nothing and the names on your list, that exceed the two-year limit, will be automatically unreserved and other family members will have a chance to do the work.
  6. If you do not have a reserved list, then start looking for names of ancestors that might be coming off of others lists.
To Read More About this process, click on this link:

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