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Thursday, April 2, 2015

March OKC Stake Indexing Reports

Happy Easter to the Oklahoma City Stake Indexers and Arbitrators

Easter weekend is here and what a perfect way to remember Jesus Christ. Click on the Link below to watch this wonderful, short, video from

185th Semi-Annual Conference of The Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Saturday April 4th and Sunday April 5th

photo taken by Lois Gilbert from the roof 
of the Conference Center Salt Lake City

Broadcast times in Oklahoma are
 from 11:00am - 1:00 pm
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday with Priesthood meeting 
on Saturday night from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
You can view these sessions at the Stake Center or from you home.
There may be other Church Buildings that are going to show these sessions so contact
a Ward leader to find out.

March Stake Indexing Report

          WARD                              #INDEXED       #ARBITRATED
  • Clinton                                                          262
  • Edmond First                                             1888
  • Edmond Second                                         8289                                   3106  
  • Okc Fifth                                                    1299                                    4678
  • Okc First                                                    6050                                    1592   
  • Okc Fourth Branch                                       16
  • Okc Third                                                   2347                                    
  • Quail Creek                                                2694                                    3761
  • Village                                                         1785                                    2618
  • Woodward Branch                                        11 

  • Youth Edmond Second                                   14
  • Youth Okc First                                               75
  • Youth Okc Third                                             60
  • Youth Village                                               2260 

Stake YTD Indexing
156,707 names

Every name you index, you change that person's life Forever!!

Those "Shaky Leaves" at or "Hints" at FamilySearch Tree, have you seen them? They are there because Indexing facilities them! That's right, you and I make it possible, by Indexing.

 I am attracted to them, they pull me in just like a magnet. Almost everyday that  I go onto those sites to look at something I find some more. Right now I have 3956 Shaky leaves in my Ancestry tree, and 859 in my husbands tree!  I even see them on notices sent to my email!!!  Then my whole day, sometimes, is spent checking out the new record finds and adding them to my trees to document my ancestors life. 
It is fantastic how easy it is to do that. It is even more fantastic that you can do it all from home. Have you signed up for your free subscriptions to You should because it is now possible to coordinate both your Ancestry tree and your Familysearch tree. To read about this great option click on the link below.

Have a wonderful week-end. Please go into your Familysearch Indexing account and change your Ward name to match the Ward that you now attend. I think this is exciting news, that OKC Stake has grown so much we can create two new Wards. I look forward to getting Indexing going in all the Wards. Please do not stop indexing, this is a Celestial Calling, not a Ward calling!!! Happy Easter to all.

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