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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Indexing Statistics

 Autumn in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania
Photo taken by Bishop Bob Wooley

October Stake Indexing Report
484,675  YTD cum  

Total for October = 27,974

Ward Indexing & Arbitration for October

Clinton                         1504
Edmond 1st                  1966
Edmond 2nd                 2791
Okc 5th                          368
Okc 1st                         2287
Okc 4th Branch             338
Okc 3rd                        3828
Okc University                91
Quail Creek                 6016
Village                         5197
Woodward                   2810

Youth Ward Indexing
Edmond 1st                               467
Okc 5th                                       47
Village                                      264

Calling All Indexers and Arbitrators

 Kentucky Genealogy Society Web page

As you can see, by our statistics, we are falling way behind this year in Indexing in our Stake. I am asking each of you to please try to do 100 names, or more if you like, to help us reach 500,000 names by the end of December. More would be better because out of our 690 registered indexers in the Stake only 66  indexed or arbitrated in October. I know that we have, including me, really dropped the ball on indexing and arbitration this summer for many reasons.

First of all everything was disrupted and turned up side down by that tornado this spring. Many of you put a lot of time into helping with the recovery and that was greatly appreciated by all. Then the Church put a big push on for all of us to learn about FamilySearch Tree.  Adding photos, stories and sources are great features. I have to admit I am working on it almost every day and find it very addicting.

 FamilySearch set up a challenge, with a nice reward, for the person who enters the 12 Millionth Source to Family Tree. We all have to learn how to use the Tree, since NewFamilySearch is going to be a read-only status at the end of this year. With all new programs there is a learning curve. The was also a learning curve in Indexing after we finished the 1940 census records and indexing/arbitration fell off. Now there are many County marriage record projects that are not difficult to work on.  I have faith in all of you and I am praying, that with your increased assistance we can do better. 

Thank you for all that you do for family history, and remember that  indexing is doing your family history. Every name indexed and arbitrated brings an eternal blessing to a researcher or a family member. 

Happy  Veterans Day  on November 11th, 
and thank you for your service to the Nation

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