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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

September Report and Oklahoma Marriages

Provo City Center Temple - "Under" construction

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Stake
Cum Indexing/Arbitrating
to 10/15/2013
468,957 Names

Total for September 2013 = 29,059 Names

Indexing Results for September by Ward
  • Clinton                                1342
  • Edmond First                       2303
  • Edmond Second                  3853
  • Okc Fifth                              620
  • Okc First                             1402
  • Okc Third                            5578
  • Quail Creek                         4762
  • Village                                 5282
  • Woodward                            707 
Edmond First                               1089
Okc Fifth                                          24
Okc Third                                         23
Quail Creek                                        1
Village                                           2043

Autumn in Broadheadsville, PA taken by Bishop Wooley 

Indexing Suggestions

Some of you may be wondering "what can I index?" as there are not many level 1 batches available. Please consider trying a level 3 batch. One that I would suggest is the Oklahoma County Marriages. There are two records on each image and most batches contain an overlay. If you will start by reading the PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS and clicking on the first blue link that says "click here"  you will find some very good examples of how to index an overlay. I have called SLC several times to question them even further about an overlay. You can call for help at this number 1-866-406-1830 , just ask for indexing help and you will find that they are very kind and helpful. Here are a few things in general that I have learned about overlays in the Oklahoma County Marriage project:

  1. Most overlays are parental permission forms or letters.
  2. Index only what you see on the overlay IF the full record underneath appears on another image. If that record does not appear on the next image, then index all information from overlay and from the record underneath as one record.
  3. The record that appears underneath the overlay will be indexed as a separate record if it is the next image with the overlay flipped back.
  4. By going to TOOLS, you can mark each image as having two records, if needed.
  5.  A second photo of the image was normally made with the overlay folded back.
  6. Always look for on the  parental consent form,  right below the application at the top of the page, for a parents signature. It may not be an overlay.
  7. Marriage dates are on the bottom of the form. If they did not go through with the marriage, use the application date.
  8. There are 10 images in a batch, most have 20 records in a batch.
I am excited to work on this project as I was one of the document preparation volunteers  for the Utah Genealogical Society,  when they came to the Oklahoma City Court house to microfilm these records in 1998. Our own Alice Lynn Bodyston of Woodward headed up the project at that time.

taken from the Kentucky Genealogy Society website

How do you get people to return to Indexing after they have been looking at Family Tree and preparing names for the Temple?

By teaching them the Gospel Principles of "Turning the Hearts". See D&C 110: 13 & 14.  Elder Birmhall, Head of FamilySearch, said that "Every name indexed is an opportunity for Eternal Blessings". Indexing and Temple work is doing Family History. 
Our Stake needs to get back to Indexing and Arbitrating, "behold the time has fully come". Did you know there are over 1 million records just waiting for Arbitration before they can be viewed by patrons. We need more Arbitrators. If you are interested please contact me, or your Ward Group Administrator.

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