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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oklahoma's Mangled May Stake Indexing

Our deepest prayers go out to all of you who may have been affected by the terrible weather conditions we had in the month of May.  It surely is a time to give service to our neighbors and friends who need a helping hand and your support.

May Indexing Report by Ward/Branch

Total for Month of May =  54,943 Names  (and 49 returned batches)
  • Clinton                                        2318
  • Edmond 1st                                 6204
  • Edmond 2nd                                3060
  • Okc 5th                                        4121
  • Okc 1st                                        5330
  • Okc 3rd                                       6698
  • Quail Creek                                 8890
  • University                                          3
  • Village                                         8714
  • Woodward                                   9521    

Youth Indexing for May
  • Primary Okc 1st                                172
  • Youth Okc 5th                                       5
  • Youth Village                                   1405

Indexing Project Suggestion
Suggestion for easy and fast records - level 1 - to do. This project would be good for the Youth who are going to work on the Young Women Olympic Challenge this summer.
Canada 1911 Census

Channel 5 News Anchors Genealogies

For those of you who did not get to see the Channel 5 presentations of the news anchors genealogy packages, prepared by  members of the Family Search Center, can do so by clicking on the links below. Paul Fogel and Jessica Schambach were very delighted when Donna Waddle , Sherry Brown, Lois Gilbert and Elizabeth Miller showed them the results of their research. Wendell Edwards and Maggie Stokes  were surprised to see how much material was found on the computer by Helen Lehmenn and Mary Lee Allen.
It was a very good experience for all of those who participated. I know that I learned a lot about researching in Puerto Rico and working as a team. To view the presentations that were aired on Channel 5 click on the links below.Each link is for a different presentation.

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