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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year: Indexing Report for 2012

Happy New Year from 
Family Search

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Stake Total for 2012


A big "Thank you" to all of the Stake Indexers and Arbitrators that helped to make 2012 our best year ! 

December 2012 Statistics
74,107 names total

Ward                                  total names
Clinton                                                 3177
Edmond First                                  12,381
Edmond Second                                5959
Okc Fifth                                            1985
Okc First                                          11,921
Okc Third                                        10,984 
University                                                20
Quail Creek                                         7457
Village                                                  4298
Woodward                                        11,814

Youth - Ward                                   total names 
Clinton                                                  16
Edmond First                                     767
Edmond Second                                   73
Okc Fifth                                                75
Okc First                                              878
Quail Creek                                            20
Village                                                 1819

We had a high number, 125, of batches returned in the month of December. I suggest that everyone open their " My Artibration" tab and try to figure out why you may have had a batch returned. It is important to discover our mistakes and ask for help from your Ward Group Administrator or from the Salt Lake City Help Desk. You can contact the help desk by calling this toll free number: 1-866-406-1830.

 If you would like to call me I am more than happy to help. My number is 405-367-7159. Please do not try to start a new project without reading the "Project Information" directions or the "Field Help" guidelines on each data item first. Each project has new and different directions.

2012 Top 5 Indexers and Arbitrators

  1. Woodward - Curtis Ray Williams - 29,304
  2. Quail Creek - Nora Muzingo - 27,292
  3. Edmond First - Jessie Crawford - 21,082
  4. Woodward - Melissa Hart - 17,339
  5. Clinton - Coreena Gilliland - 15,193

  1. Okc Fifth - Mary Butts - 154,046
  2. Okc Third - Gene Bushman - 132,703
  3. Woodward - Tamara Windholz - 92,348
  4. Edmond Second - Gary Howell - 71,374
  5. Okc First - Evelyn K Aquino - 70,093

2012 Top 5 Youth Indexers
  1. Edmond First - Megan Green - 2971
  2. Village - Courtney Wilkinson - 2463
  3. Okc First - Emma Aquino - 2270
  4. Edmond First - Chandler Haymore - 2238
  5. Okc First - Nate Connelly - 2128

Invitations will be mailed to all of the top 5 individuals announcing the Stake Indexing Awards Social on February 23rd. The top 5 are welcome to bring their spouse or another person, and the Youth are encouraged to bring their family with them. Details will be in the invitation.

2013 Stake Goal

2 Million Names

Each Unit in the Stake will need to do
15,152 names a month for a total of 181,824 names in the year.

We need everyone's help to reach that new goal. Only three Wards in the Stake were able to achieve that in 2012.
If you know of anyone who might like to try indexing please introduce them to it and encourage them to participate in a Temple Experience in their own home. This is an ideal thing for New Converts, homebound, people preparing to attend the the Temple, or folks who are unemployed. Many blessings can come from participation in Indexing.

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