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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stake Indexing Statistics for July 2012

but did you know that it will be a few weeks till all records can be viewed on FamilySearch?
  • Family Search is doing a quality check of all records before releasing them to the public
  • Each record that had a blank line added, will be verified
  • Each location for line 17 - 19 will be double checked; especially those for children under 5, or those with "same House" or Same Place".
A big Thank You to all of you who worked on the 1940 Census records. Even if you only did one name, your work is greatly appreciated. 
What Can We Do Next??? 

Join in the community projects on immigration and naturalization.
The next interesting project at Family Search involves the immigration and naturalization records for every port in the United States from 1860 - 1989. These can be found under "Community Projects" in the drop down lists of current projects. Try the California records first as they are on a beginning level. Each batch has 20 records and I have found all of the cards to be typed. There are few data items required and the records are like the WWI or WWII draft card project. Please read the project information and field Helps First.

Some Interesting notes about Immigration was posted in a Newsletter I recieved from Family Search and they incluced these facts: 
  • 1875 Our Nation passed the first immigration law
  • 1900 1 in 7 travelers died in trans atlantic voyages
  • 1907  1,285,349 Europenas entered the county
  • 1930 More people emigrated out of the county than came into it
  • 1986  Since 1986 Congress passed seven amnesties for illegal immigrants
Try your hand at these records, they are fun and easy to do. 

 Stake Indexing Statistics for July 2012

 The Stake Cummulative for the Year is now:
821,271 names
The Monthly total for each Ward 

Ward                                      Indexed       Arbitrated
Clinton                          2520              1484
Edmond First                        6194               6600
Edmond Second                      840               6581
Okc Fifth                               2562             15092
Okc First                                8243             18292
Okc Third                              5520             16239
University                                  40
Quail Creek                           6351             12813
Village                                    2729
Woodward                             4441              8825

Oklahoma City Youth Indexers

WARD                                      INDEXED
Youth Edmond First                 320
Youth Edmond Second              92
Youth OKC First                      122
Youth Village                            152

Oklahoma Musem of Art - blown glass exhibit 

 Oklahoma History-Research Center Book Sale
If you love old books about genealogy, history, education, or old maps and pictures and other genealogy treasures, then you won't want to miss the sale at the Oklahoma History Research Center this week-end. Some of these books are out of print copies as well. Admission to the Research Center is free.
Sale begins on Wednesday Aug 1, 2012 and goes through Friday Aug 3,2012. The hours are 10-4 pm on Wed and Thurs. 10-3pm on Friday.
The Oklahoma History Center is located off of Lincoln Avenue, across from the State Capital.

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