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Saturday, June 2, 2012

May2012 Stake Indexing Stats

Nauvoo Temple - Stake Youth trip in July

The May Indexing was the best we have ever done as a Stake. The efforts this month are a big credit to each of you for your hard work and devotion so that  those people can now have their Temple work prepared. As you well know this  work is directed and inspired by the Spirit of Elijah see (Malachi 4: 5-6)You are all angels in the service of the Lord.

154,307 Names in May
574,944 Cumulative Names in 2012

 Contributions by each Ward or Branch: 
Ward                                                             # Indexed          # Arbitrated
Clinton                                                          6922                    2600
Edmond 1st                                                   7264                    7160
Edmond 2nd                                                  2105                  13600
OKC 5th                                                       3142                  20560
OKC 1st                                                       7407                  17417
OKC 4th Branch                                            441                     3320
OKC 3rd                                                      8017                    2920
University                                                        210                          0
Quail Creek *                                               14100                  12991
Village                                                             847                          0
Woodward Branch                                        5040                   14470
Youth Edmond 1st                                         1800
Youth OKC 5th                                               120
Youth OKC 1st                                               800
Youth OKC 4th Branch                                 1045

                        Ice Cream Socials
Congratulations to the Edmond First Ward for passing their  Magic number of 14,085 names. They did a total of 14,424 names which means they will be having an Ice Cream Social. All dates for the Ice Cream Socials are pending an update from the Stake Presidency.
Let you know as soon as I know. We are looking forward to coming to your Ward for this activity to show our appreciation to all.  Wondering what your Ward/Branch's magic number is?  Just read my Blog for April and you will find it. Or email me and I can tell you.
These really are my great aunts, photo taken in the 1940's in Philadelphia ,PA            

1940 Census Record on Family Search Update

There are now 14 states available to research on Familysearch thanks to all of the World wide Indexers.
The newest ones released are: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Vermont

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