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Saturday, April 7, 2012

March Statisticts - 1940 Census Update

Happy Easter

March 2012 OKC Stake Indexing Statistics
81,662 Names Indexed and Arbitrated  

 What each Ward and Branch accomplished: 
Ward                             Indexed                    Arbitrated
Clinton                          641                               140
Edmond First               716                             2618
Edmond Second           460                             6614
OKC Fifth                 2618                          12745
OKC First                   4028                           6307
OKC Fourth Branch    4767                           6559
OKC Third                  3435                         10067
OKC University             671
Quail Creek                  4765                          1156
Village Ward                1597                 
Woodward Branch       3719                          4306   

The Stake Youth are Indexing
 Meeting the Challenge of the Young Women and Young Men Leaders to do 50 names a week. This is how they are doing their first month:

Clinton                                    42
Edmond First                        308
OKC Fifth                             319
OKC First                            2567
OKC Fourth Branch              136
Village Ward                         359
      If you can help a youth to learn how to index the 1940 census records that would be great. They have so much to offer and I know that the Stake Youth Leaders have faith in them to meet the challenge. I believe the top youth  indexers will be given the chance to be the first ones on the bus to Nauvoo, getting to choose their seats before the others board.  
Some Youth Leaders  have gotten together with talented Ward members to offer some nice incentives and to make it more challenging. For instance, a free hair cut, a big candy bar,  or a chance to make your own leather belt, drawing upon the adult members of the Ward who have special talents that they are willing to  share.
Wednesday nights the Family History Center  is open so that the youth, or any members, can come and get help with indexing or preparing names to take to the Nauvoo Temple. The Family History Center is available other nights if you call and make an appointment. You will find the phone numbers on the bulletin board across from the FHC. Learn how to prepare your family names from the convenience  of your own home.


The 1940 Census records became available on April 2 and we began indexing and arbitrating the first five states that were released. As of today, Friday April 6th, there are now 14 states available to index. 
These include, Delaware ( which is 95% finished) Kansas, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Minnesota, New Hampshire, California and Pennsylvania.  To learn more about this indexing program go to the following hot link to see a very short video and get more information about the census:  
Check out the new links on the right side of this blog page to see more about the FamilySearch webpage on the 1940 Census records.

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